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Chevy Battery Replacement | Chevy Service Center near Me

Your St. Louis Chevy Service Center is Lou Fusz Chevrolet Certified Service Center in St. Peters, MO. Battery replacement service at a Chevy service center in St. Louis is essential to ensuring your car runs when you need it. When you come to a Chevrolet Service Center, they will replace your old worn-out battery with a new one. Don't wait until your battery is dead to get a new replacement battery! By choosing to come to a Certified Chevy Car Repair Shop in St. Louis, you will be sure that the battery installed in your car is high quality and the correct battery for your vehicle. There a lot of factors to take into consideration when choosing the accurate battery for your vehicle. The right size, necessary cold-cranking amps to start the engine, and the correct reserve capacity are essential when choosing a battery.

Lou Fusz Chevrolet Certified Service Center - Battery Replacement Service

Lou Fusz Chevrolet Certified Service Center has been in St. Peters, MO since 1990. When you bring your vehicle to Lou Fusz Chevy Service Center, whether you are St. Louis, Brentwood, Ballwin, O'Fallon, Chesterfield, St. Charles, or Fenton, we will help you with all your battery replacement service needs. As a Certified Chevrolet Repair location, we will test your battery to ensure all systems are working properly in your vehicle. During this process, our Certified St. Louis Chevy Repair team will check for any loose connections, bad alternators, and bad starters to ensure there are no other underlying causes to your battery troubles. If our Certified Chevrolet Service Technicians find that battery is at fault, we will assist you in choosing the correct battery for your car. At Lou Fusz Chevrolet, we proudly sell a wide selection of ACDelco Auto Batteries that are recommended by Chevrolet for your Chevy vehicle.

How Often Should I Get My Battery Replaced?

Your vehicle's battery is the life of the car. Without a properly working battery, your vehicle will not start. Did you know that car batteries operate at their best between 30 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit? At Lou Fusz Chevrolet Repair Center, we recommend getting the life of your battery evaluated throughout the year, especially if your battery is more than three years old. Hot, humid St. Louis summers and cold, bitter Missouri winters can take a toll on the life of an aging battery. During your next conventional oil change or full synthetic oil change, ask our certified service technicians to perform a conductance test on your battery. Another great time to get your battery life tested at a Chevy service center is when you bring your vehicle in during the Spring to get the Air Conditioning serviced.

Signs a Battery Replacement Service is Needed

There are many ways to identify if it is time for a battery replacement. The first thing you should consider is how old your car battery is. On average, when conditions are optimal, car batteries last around four years. Environmental factors can affect this time frame, such as weather conditions, vehicle type, and even driving habits. Another sign of dying battery is corrosion and buildup around the battery's terminals. If you smell an odor around your battery, it's taking longer than normal to startup, or the battery case appears swollen; getting a new battery is imminent. Stop by Lou Fusz Chevrolet St. Louis Chevrolet Repair Center, we will help you evaluate your battery before you are stuck in a tough situation with a dead battery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Battery Replacement Services

Depending on the situation, batteries can last approximately 4 years. This greatly depends on weather conditions, vehicle type, and driving habits.
Finding the right balanace of Reserve Capacity and Cold Cranking Amps is essential to ensuring that your vehicle is getting the correct amount of power to start-up and power your vehicle. Our Certified Service Center Technicians can help you find the correct battery for your vehicle.
The main cause of battery failure is time. Just like people batteries age. Some other issues that can cause premature battery failure is unproperly grounding added auto accessories, infrequent startups, and a discharged batteries when temperatures are below freezing.
During your next oil change ask the technician to perform a conductance test. We recommend doing this in the Early Spring and Fall to ensure that your car is ready for the Winter and Summer months.


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