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Every vehicle has a cooling system that is responsible for preventing engine overheat. The cooling system moves coolant fluid through the engine to take and move heat away from the engine block and cylinder heads. Many vital components, including the heater core, thermostat, expansion, tank, radiator, fan, hoses and water pump work together to keep the engine cool. The coolant system also provides heat to the cabin during the winter thanks to the heater core relying on heat from the coolant fluid, which is absorbed from the engine to create warm cabin air.

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If you encounter any of these issues or feel like your engine is running hotter than normal, then bring your vehicle to the professionals at Chevy Service Center in St. Louis. Our trained technicians can find the issue and provide recommendations on how to fix the problem. Schedule your appointment today!

Why Coolant Fluid is Crucial?

Coolant fluid is a crucial component of your vehicle. The fluid makes thousands of cycles through the engine block and cylinder heats with the job of absorbing heat and releasing it to the radiator. This process eventually causes the fluid to face unwanted water, debris and particles. When it gets contaminated enough, it won’t be as effective, and the engine won’t be able to stay cool enough to function.

Signs of a Declining Cooling System

When your cooling system starts to break down, there are a few signs to look out for. The engine can overheat, and the check engine light can light up along with the cooling system or coolant fluid service lights. The heating system might not blow out hot air as it should, or your coolant could be leaking.

Consequences of Ignoring Coolant System Issues

Nearly every issue of ignoring issues of your coolant system involves your engine. Prolonged overheating could damage your engine or even cause engine failure, which will result in higher repair costs. Getting a coolant flush could provide a way to keep the vehicle’s temperature in check.


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