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Chevrolet Engine Timing Belt Replacement Service in St. Louis | Chevrolet Service Center near Me

Your vehicle’s engine is comprised of belts, gears and more working cooperatively to help your vehicle move, start and stop when you want it to. Your timing belt is a key part of your engine as it helps to synchronize the rotation of your crankshaft and camshafts within the engine.

Lou Fusz Chevrolet Certified Service Center - Engine Timing Belt Replacement

If you feel that your engine timing belt is starting to break down, don’t delay service and contact the professionals at Chevy Service Center in St. Louis. Our trained technicians can replace the belt and provide other services to your vehicle as needed. Schedule your appointment today!

Purpose of Engine Timing Belt

When the timing belt synchronizes the rotation of the camshafts and crankshaft, the valves open and close at the right intervals during the intake and exhaust strokes so that the engine gets the needed power and it expels the exhaust and gasses needed. The timing belt sets the pace and helps to make your care move where you want it to go.

Signs There Could be a Timing Belt Issue

Besides looking at the belt to see if it is worn down, there are a few other signs your timing belt is worn down and needs to be replaced. There could be a ticking engine noise, and there could also be hard starting or rough idling. The water pump could be leaking, and there’s a chance oil is left on connections. The timing cover could be misaligned, but the biggest sign is that the engine won’t start.

Consequence for Delaying Service

If you delay replacing your timing belt, the belt will likely break apart while you are driving, which can damage your engine further. Torn belt pieces can be knocked around in the engine compartment and deal significant damage within your engine.


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