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Chevrolet Exhaust System Service in St. Louis | Chevrolet Service Center near Me

Your vehicle’s exhaust system consists of a few parts. It begins with the exhaust manifold, a catalytic converter to decrease emissions and a muffler to reduce the level of noise the vehicle outputs. It is obvious if the muffler fails, but if the catalytic converter fails, it might not be noticed until the vehicle fails an emissions inspection, and it has to be repaired in order to keep current registration.

Lou Fusz Chevrolet Certified Service Center - Exhaust System Service

The result of gas and oxygen burning in the engine are exhaust fumes and gases, which are pollutions. Those fumes are soot-filled smog, and anything that touches the exhaust before it is filtered becomes dirty. Because of this, parts of the exhaust system can get clogged, which will prevent the vehicle from running at its best. The worst-case scenario is that your vehicle won’t run at all. If the muffler gets damaged, the vehicle can get excessively loud.

Consequences of Delaying Service to Exhaust System

There could be several inconveniences if the exhaust system doesn’t get attention when needed. The vehicle won’t pass its inspection, so maintenance will need to be done anyway. A faulty muffler will make the vehicle loud, and driving with a defective system will likely result in decreased performance and gas mileage. Although the vehicle can run if the whole system is disengaged, it is illegal because of the noise level and how much it can harm the environment.

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