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Chevrolet Fuel Injector Cleaning Service in St. Louis | Chevrolet Service Center near Me

Modern vehicles utilize a high-end electronic fuel injection system. Although technology improvements have made fuel injectors less prone to getting dirty or clogged, it is still a good idea to get them cleaned on occasion at the St. Louis Chevy Service Center.

Lou Fusz Chevrolet Certified Service Center - Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

The fuel stored in the gas tank is sent to the engine along the fuel lines. As fuel moves it runs through the fuel filters, which screen out the contaminants that could block the fuel injectors. The fuel pumps push the fuel through the lines, and in the fuel injectors, small nozzles spray fuel into the combustion chamber. This mist is light up by the spark plugs to create an explosion. The explosion creates energy that moves the crankshaft forward. When chained together, this combination moves the vehicle.

Why Clean Fuel Injection System

The fuel injectors act similar to a spray can. When in use, it ideally sprays a broad, fine mist. As time moves forward the nozzle can get clogged and the spray becomes thicker. The same situation can take place inside your vehicle. If this takes place, the fuel injectors begin to clog up, the fuel spray won’t ignite evenly. When this takes place, the vehicle will have less power, but take more fuel to operate. Some other signs that your fuel injection system needs help is that there is hesitation when the gas pedal is pressed and decreased mileage.

Additional Signs the Fuel Injector Needs Attention

Besides hesitation when the gas pedal is pressed and lower gas mileage, there are a few other signs to look out for. Other signs include starting problems, smoke from the tailpipe, engine knock, weak acceleration, high emission levels, rough idling and failed emissions test.

Consequence of Delaying Service

Besides decreased performance, there are some more serious issues that can take place if you don’t clean the fuel injection system. A fuel odor can be noticed in and out of the vehicle along with oil thinning and hydro lock. Oil thinning and hydro lock can lead to full engine failure. Leaking and dirty injectors can happen, and leaking injectors can only be replaced. If not replaced they can become a fire hazard.

Schedule a Fuel Injection Cleaning Service

If your fuel injection system isn’t performing as well as before, bring your vehicle to the technicians at Chevy Service Center in St. Louis. Our trained professionals will be able to clean out the system and complete any other auto services needed. Book your appointment today!


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