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Chevrolet Headlight Replacement Service in St. Louis | Chevrolet Service Center near Me

Your vehicle’s headlights are key safety features for driving safe at night and in conditions where visibility is poor. Faulty headlights put you and other drivers at risk of accidents and injury and need prompt replacement. Faulty headlights can also draw attention from law enforcement, which can issue citations if your headlights are out. To avoid any of these issues, here are a few signs you could use new headlights from St. Louis Chevy Service Center.

Lou Fusz Chevrolet Certified Service Center - Headlight Replacement Service

If the headlights are not as bright as before, it is probably time to get them looked at by a professional. Dim headlights could be due to failing bulbs. Trained professionals will troubleshoot to eliminate any other potential problems including a faulty alternator or corroded ground wires. Getting a bulb replacement usually takes care of this problem and improves your driving experience at night and in low-visibility conditions.

Headlights Flicker

Headlights that flicker on and off are not only an inconvenience, but they could also be a safety hazard while driving. You need quality, consisting lighting when driving in the dark in order to stay safe. Flickering headlights is usually due to a damaged or worn-out bulb, and our technicians at Chevy Service Center in St. Louis are able to replace faulty bulbs.

Failing Headlights

Having your headlights completely fair is one of the most severe safety issues you can face on the road, and it can be especially scary if you encounter a driver with their headlights out. If your headlights cut out while you’re driving, call for a replacement from St. Louis Chevy Service Center. Traveling without headlights at night or in low visibility is one of the biggest risks you can take as you won’t be able to see the road, and you could get into an accident on your own or with another driver and vehicle.

Low/High Beam Failure

Changing between low and high beams is crucial as the roads change throughout the night. Failure for either beam can get frustrating and hinders the driving experience quality. The low beam bulbs can also wear down quicker since they’re used more. The trained professionals at Lou Fusz Chevy Service Center in St. Louis have the resources to find the issue and replace failing bulbs.

Blown Fuses

Your headlights can keep failing due to burned fuses, and if that happens, a more permanent solution is required. Our trained professionals can run tests on the wiring system to find any electrical problems, then recommend a solution to stop further headlight failure.

Headlight Design Outdated

A lighting upgrade could provide better visibility and replace your vehicle’s outdated lighting system. There are several options of headlights to provide a unique look and better visibility such as laser headlights, HID, LED and halogen lights.

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