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Chevrolet Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service in St. Louis | Chevrolet Service Center near Me

Newer vehicles utilize a power steering system, which usually use hydraulics to make turns easier. A pump in the system gets utilized to move power steering fluid through the system to help the front wheels to go the way the wheel is turned. The fluid helps to make turning almost effortless from the driver. Eventually the power steering fluid will wear down and get worn down, get contaminants and/or gets too low, and it will take more effort to steer the wheel, especially if the vehicle moves slow or is stopped. The best way to make sure your steering stays intact is with a power steering fluid exchange service at Chevy Service Center St. Louis.

Lou Fusz Chevrolet Certified Service Center - Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service

The fluid’s contaminants come from worn down rubber pieces and metal shavings in the system. The debris eventually forms into a sand-like substance that speeds up the process of wearing down parts while the mix runs through the system. You might notice this change when you begin to hear grinding or whining noises while turning the wheel, and/or you might find yourself spending more effort steering the wheel. A quick look at the power steering fluid reservoir can give you an idea of the issue. If the amount has dropped, it means that the system has a leak, and it could have been prevented if the system received new power steering fluid periodically.

When Should Power Steering Fluid Be Exchanged

Besides steering issues, if you see that the power steering fluid is black or has a brown color, it means that there is a build up of contaminants and the system will need a flush and replacement fluid as soon as possible. If this service is delayed, parts of the steering system will get damaged and they will need to be replaced, and that will drastically increase your service bill.

Schedule Your Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service at St. Louis Chevy Service Center

If you find that steering your vehicle is more difficult than before or if you want to make sure your steering fluid is clean, bring your vehicle to the trained professionals at St. Louis Chevy Service Center. Our technicians can get new steering fluid and take care of any other needs for your vehicle. Book your appointment today!


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